EARLIER: 2 men face manslaughter for shooting on Brown Ave.

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By Lisa King

Two Oldham County men have been charged in connection with the shooting death in October 2008 of a Shelbyville resident. Timothy Carpenter of La Grange and Joshua Fast of Crestwood, both 23, have been indicted by a Shelby County Grand Jury and charged with complicity to second-degree manslaughter.  David L. Fletcher, 28, of Shelbyville was shot Oct. 18, 2008, during an apparent burglary at 1010 Brown Avenue by resident Eric Reynolds, 23. Kentucky State Police Detective Mitch Harris said at that time that Reynolds had shot Fletcher because he thought he was a burglar who was attempting to break into his house. Carpenter and Fast were waiting for Fletcher in a pickup truck. They were arrested later and charged with second-degree burglary. Reynolds has not been charged in either the shooting or alleged burglary. KSP Spokesman Ron Turley said at that time that residents had the right to protect themselves during a break-in. Turley said Monday that he is fairly certain that Reynolds has not been charged in what is being considered a home invasion. “A lot of times, what will happen if it’s close, and we don’t arrest the homeowner right away, what we’ll do is take him to a grand jury, and if a grand jury met and indicted those two for complicity to commit manslaughter, then you can bet that a grand jury cleared him [Reynolds], the homeowner,” he said. Laura Fletcher, the victim’s mother, said Tuesday that she doesn’t understand why Reynolds has not been charged. “How can they just accept a self-defense claim when the person that shot my son did not call 911, left the scene, and the police did not arrive to the scene until sometime later?” she said.  Police would not confirm her assertions about Reynolds’ actions at the time of the shooting. The incident Harris said that Reynolds was acquainted with the three men, but that he hadn’t realized who they were at the time of the shooting, which occurred at 11:30 p.m. After Fletcher was shot, he made it back to the truck where  Carpenter and Fast were waiting, and they left to get help for Fletcher. When they were unable to find a hospital, police said, the men called 911 about 11:54 p.m. One of the men reported that his friend had been shot. When police found them in the cab of the pickup on Mount Eden Road shortly after that, Fletcher already had died of a single gunshot wound. Fast and Carpenter were taken into custody and charged with second-degree burglary, and Shelby County Commonwealth’s Attorney Laura Donnell said that those charges are still pending. The indictment The indictment states only that Carpenter and Fast, “acting alone or in complicity with another, committed the offense of manslaughter in the second-degree-complicity when they wantonly caused the death of David Fletcher.” According to Kentucky law, manslaughter in the second degree is a Class C felony, punishable by 5 to 10 years in prison. It is defined as when someone is killed accidentally, as the result of  the commission of some unlawful act. Police have been tightlipped about the shooting ever since it occurred. Donnell said that to her knowledge, Reynolds has not been charged with anything. She added that she would not have knowledge of any charges against him, because, if charges were pending, they would have to be handled by a special  prosecutor because of the circumstances surrounding the case. “In this case, Eric Reynolds is a victim in a burglary and  a defendant to other charges, and we can’t cover both of those,” she said. Oldham County Common-wealth’s Attorney Barry Moore said that although he could not comment on details surrounding potential charges against Reynolds, he could confirm that he as been assigned to it. “There is an investigation into that, and I have been appointed to review this case as a special prosecutor,” he said, adding that no charges have been filed against Reynolds at this time.  KSP said in a statement Monday that Carpenter and Fast were arrested without incident Friday in Oldham County by KSP detectives and Todd Maggard from K-9 Special Operations. They were taken to the Shelby County Detention Center. They later bonded out on a $25,000 surety bond, jail officials said. Both are scheduled to appear in Shelby Circuit Court for arraignment before Circuit Judge Charles Hickman at 8:30 a.m. on Feb. 15. Victim’s family  distressed When Fletcher was shot, his family and friends said they were dismayed that the police had insinuated that he had been trying to break into Reynolds’ house, because they said that Fletcher and Reynolds had been roommates. They said Fletcher was moving out and had only been trying to get some of his belongings. Carl Rogers of La Grange, a family friend who grew up with Fletcher, said at the time that he thought Fletcher and Reynolds might have had an altercation. Laura Fletcher said at the time that her son probably had to break out a window because he had left his keys in the house. “He was notorious for doing that,” she said, adding that she doesn’t know how Reynolds could have mistaken him for a burglar. Fletcher’s grandfather, Walter Gales of Pewee Valley, said at the time of the shooting that he doesn’t understand why his grandson’s friends called 911 and not Reynolds, since Reynolds had done the shooting. “Things are just not adding up in my mind,” he said. “I just want to get to the bottom of this.” A mother’s anguish Laura Fletcher said Tuesday that she is upset about the way authorities are handling the case and that they have continued to leave her in the dark, not answering her E-mail or returning her phone calls. “I was not even given the courtesy of a phone call before they released their initial press release,” she said. “I continue to be distressed by the lack of investigation that the state police have done in the death of  my son. It is my opinion that the police did not do any investigation past the day of David’s death. I ask only that the investigation be completed fully and questions such as why have the police not spoken to witnesses in the this case that might be vital to getting to the truth.” Fletcher said she is also distressed about the manslaughter charges against Fast and Carpenter. “I do not feel that Joshua Fast or Tim Carpenter are responsible in any way for his death,” she said. “They are guilty of being young and foolish, perhaps, but David was their friend, and I do not believe they would do him any harm. “Does this matter to no one but me?” Fletcher said. “I ask that this investigation be given the attention it deserves as my son is dead at the hand of someone else.”