Driver wrecks after falling asleep at wheel

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By Lisa King

A Henry County woman was injured Tuesday afternoon when she crashed her vehicle, crossing into oncoming traffic and flipping her car upside down.

Carolyn S. Beverly, 54, of Wallace Road in Lockport, Ky., lost control of her Chevy Tracker after falling asleep at the wheel, according to Shelby County Deputy Sheriff Riley Kennedy.

"She was headed west but after she flipped the car, she ended up facing east, upside down," he said, pointing to the smashed Tracker which rested against a guardrail on Frankfort Road.

Kennedy said Beverly was lucky.

"When she fell asleep, she crossed over into oncoming traffic, but they were able to dodge her, according to witnesses," he said.

He added that when she went off the road, she woke up and tried to get back onto the road, but overcorrected and flipped the vehicle, which slid down the pavement on its top. The tracker and its only occupant were saved from tumbling down the embankment by the guardrail.

Beverly was transported to Jewish Hospital Shelbyville.