Down the yellow brick road

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By The Staff

Regarding letters in the August 13 Sentinel-News entitled, "Thanks Mitch" and "Misleading Ad."

Reading these two opinions is like following Dorothy down the "yellow brick road." Surely these two authors do not expect anyone to seriously buy this "hoopla."

If the public is able to read and think, they realize that the Democrats have been in charge of both houses with their majority. Almost nothing that Harry Reid in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House, have promised during the last election has come to fruition. Now Mr. Igleheart is blaming the Republicans for the Democrats' shortcomings.

He speaks of the national debt being in excess of $3 trillion. Well, let the Democrats get away from the "habit" of hanging earmarks on every bill through congress. This would restrict this "pork" and reduce the national debt. That is what Mr. McCain wants and is the philosophy he follows.

I notice Mr. Igleheart does not sing the praises of the candidate that wants to take Mr. McConnell's seat in the Senate. Is it because Mr. Lunsford is a known gambler and loser, especially with other people's money? He does appear to be a very accomplished confidence man.

As the CEO of Vencor, he ran that company into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was responsible for having them charged with fraud by the federal government before resigning. His grandiose ideas and confident manner are and have been his trademark. His expensive tastes and expansive manner put Vencor on the slippery slope to bankruptcy. He oversaw a massive fraud imposed on the elderly patients in his nursing homes, deceived his stockholders and as a result of his bad business acumen caused the company to pay out over $104.5 million for alleged improper claims to Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE. These charges were for overbilling in respiratory care services and alleged failure of care claims. The company paid the claims but would never admit any wrong doing in the settlement. In 2001, Vencor was the largest settlement under the civil False Claims Act.

Now, would you give Mr. McConnell's Senate seat to this gentleman? I've never known Mr. McConnell to bilk old people, the taxpayers or the U.S. Government.

Mr. Lunsford lost his bid for governor in the past years for this relationship to Vencor when it was still fresh in the Kentuckians' mind, but I expect the Democrat Party believes everyone has forgotten now.

Besides being a terrible CEO, what else does he stand for?

He would continue to keep Off-shore drilling for oil "off-limits."

He would and does approve of new energy taxes.

He would shut down Kentucky's coal industry and block any attempt to reduce dependence on Middle East oil.

Mr. McConnell approves and supports:

Drilling Off-shore for new oil and authorizing these areas.

Blocking new energy taxes.

Supporting Kentucky's coal industry.

I'll have to admit I don't like negative campaigning ads either, just as Ms. Packard states, but have you noticed that people who make this statement in the very next breath will utter or write a negative statement?

While this author is very critical of Mr. Fletcher's past administration, she says not a word about the preceding Democrat Governor's administration. He entertained the citizen's of Kentucky with his fumblings and stumblings in and out of bedrooms and was quite adept at mismanagement. I believe there was some evidence of mismanagement and problems with a nursing home there also.

Well, I guess that is par for the course where Democrat politicians are concerned. Bless 'em they just can't seem to keep those trousers on.

Eugene Maynard,