Don't blame Bush

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By The Staff

Having just finished reading the Op-Ed column in the March 26, 2008 edition of The Sentinel News, I feel compelled to answer the letter, "Bush is to Blame."

I must hand it to Ms. Packard, she can spew out more inaccuracies, hate expletives and pure left wing trash than any on-line blogger I have experienced.

The content of this letter seems to show our chief executive having control over OPEC and all U.S. oil companies. Isn't she aware that these companies are all foreign-owned now and their company policies are not established necessarily on these shores? Is she aware that the U.S., even at the high prices we are now paying, is one of the nations enjoying energy prices that are below most nations? Doesn't she know that as long as these fuel prices escalate our prices for food and other commodities will reflect that raise in transporting them to the market place? I too think we are being ripped off by these companies, but I am at a loss to determine what we need to do about it.

Let us look at the proposals that the Democratic candidates are hyping in their appearances at this time. If they impose these goals and get congressional approval, which they may if the congress remains Democratically controlled, we will experience an inflation of prices in this nation unsurpassed in our history. We know both are liberal in philosophy and the policies presented are headed toward putting this nation into a "nanny state" with everything regulated by the U.S. government. Two examples:

CAPITAL GAINS TAX - McCain wants no change (15 percent). Obama wants 28 percent; and Clinton wants 24 percent. This means if you sell your home or small business and realize a profit you pay this tax.

DIVIDEND TAX - McCain wants no change (15 percent). Obama wants 39.6 percent, Clinton wants 39.6 percent. This means if you invest money in the stock market, IRA, mutual funds, college fund, life insurance, retirement accounts or whatever pays a dividend, you pay this amount. Experts agree these higher rates could crash the stock market yet do nothing to cut the deficit.

They also want to impose a federal run medical program so we can receive the same inadequate medical care offered third world countries, and many western socialist run countries. Ask a truthful Canadian or British citizen about these benefits. Is it cheaper and do you get quality medical service and what about the cost? You will pay through the nose in more taxes, and your service will be substandard compared to the medical service we are receiving this nation today.

How about the Democrats now competing for the executive mansion; what do they propose to do about national security? I have only heard both say they wish to "talk" to our enemies who are threatening domination of the west; thereby going into a isolationist shell and "exert diplomatic pressures" toward those who would destroy us and our allies.

Mr. Clinton tried that tact and the result was September 11, 2001 in NYC and Washington, D.C. It doesn't work very well. History shows it didn't work prior to WWII for our nation. Remember Pearl Harbor!?

Eugene Maynard,