Doing local research

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By The Staff

My name is Arlene Cohen and I live in New Jersey. I recently spent time in Louisville, Shelbyville, and Bagdad, Kentucky, researching the history of a woman named Jewett Snook Connell.

She was born in 1886, lived most of her life in Bagdad, and died in a tragic car accident near there in 1937. My interest in her is due to a group of postcards that Jewett sent home to her mother and sister during her college years at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Mass from 1906 to 1910. I purchased the postcards from an online auction from a postcard dealer who had no information about where they came from. They have intrigued me ever since. I've learned much about Jewett, her husband George Connell (married in 1925), and her sister Cynthia, another life-long Bagdad resident, through public records. I am curious, though, if any of your readers might know of or remember this family. George Connell died in a car accident in 1935. Jewett and Cynthia died together in a car accident in 1937.

Neither of the women had any children and they were the last members of their family. All are buried at the Bagdad Cemetery. It seems to me that so much tragedy in one family from a small community might stand out in the memories of some life-long residents of the area.

I would love to know of any information or stories anyone might know about this family. Please feel free to email me (arlenecohen1@comcast.net) or write me (4214 Hunters Glen Drive, Plainsboro, NJ 08536)

Arlene Cohen,

Plainsboro, N. J.