Dead man, shooter were roommates

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By Lisa King

Circumstances around a shooting that left a man dead Saturday has thrown his family into a turmoil of grief and confusion.

David L. Fletcher, 28, of Shelbyville, was shot in what was thought to be an attempted burglary on Brown Ave. He was accompanied by two men who were charged with burglary in that incident, Timothy Carpenter, 22, of La Grange, and Joshua Fast, 22, of Crestwood.

Eric Reynolds, the resident who shot Fletcher, has not been charged in connection with the shooting and has been unavailable for comment.

The Kentucky State Police, which is investigating, said in its initial report that the resident and the victim knew each other but that Reynolds did not recognize Fletcher before he shot.

Now Fletcher's family and friends are upset because they say that Fletcher actually lived with Reynolds and that the two had been roommates for a short time.

Carl Rogers of LaGrange grew up with Fletcher and said Fletcher went to the house on Brown Ave. that night to get his clothes because he was moving out. Rogers thinks that maybe an altercation may have ensued between Fletcher and Reynolds.

"Maybe not a physical fight, maybe just words," he said. "There's just so much that doesn't add up."

Fletcher's mother, Laura Fletcher, said her son was "notorious for leaving his keys in the house. He did that on a regular basis," she said.

She speculated that could have been why he had to break a window to get in the house. She doesn't know how Reynolds could have mistaken him for a burglar, she said.

"David probably hollered his name; I don't know," she said.

Walter Gales of Pee Wee Valley, Fletcher's grandfather, said Reynolds did not call 911, that his grandson's friends were the ones who called. He admitted that he doesn't know what happened that night but that things are not adding up in his mind.

"It's a big mess," he said. "My grandson was a good person, and I just want to get to the bottom of this. I'm not saying what he was doing or what he didn't do, but I just want the truth to come out."

Laura Fletcher echoed his sentiments.

"The police act like they have wrapped it up pretty quickly, but I am going to be on them to find out what really happened.

"It doesn't make any sense. Things are not coming together for me."

Mitch Harris, the KSP detective who is heading the investigation, said initially that no charges have been brought against Reynolds and he didn't know if there would be, adding that residents have a right to protect themselves from intruders.

Kentucky State Police trooper Ron Turley said Thursday that the case is still under investigation and that a grand jury met Wednesday and reviewed the case. He said the grand jury could charge Reynolds if members felt there was sufficient reason to do so. The grand jury reconvenes on Nov. 5.

Police say Fletcher, Carpenter and Fast were involved in the burglary and fled the scene in a pickup truck after Fletcher was shot by Reynolds. The men called 911 to get help for Fletcher because they could not find the hospital.

When police arrived at their location on Mount Eden Road a few minutes later, at close to midnight, Fletcher was dead.

Carpenter and Fast two were taken into custody and charged with second-degree burglary.

Fast has already made bail, and has a court date of Nov. 25, but Carpenter is still in custody on a $15,000 cash bond. He was arraigned in Shelby County District Court on Tuesday and has not yet received another court date, according to jail officials.