Curbside recycling coming to Shelby

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By Scotty McDaniel

The general consensus Dan Staples said he hears around the county is “we would recycle if curbside recycling was available.” Seeing the need, Staples, along with Jason Whisman and Jeff Long, want to make that option a reality and are working to get Living Green Curbside Recycling off the ground. “In the county there are no other curbside recycling services available,” Staples said. “We kicked around this idea for a year among business owners, family and friends. We’ve hit some target areas to gauge public interest, and we’ve had good response from the limited marketing we’ve done.”    Staples, a resident of Simpsonville, and his partners have distributed flyers to homes and have built a Web site to market the service.    “We have not had a formal presentation from them,” Simpsonville Mayor Steve Eden said. “But I’m all for recycling. Residents sometimes ask about it. We would be supportive of their efforts. We might want to work with them to have their pickups on the same days as our garbage pickups [Tuesdays].” Deputy Judge Executive Rusty Newton said Living Green has also yet to present before the Solid Waste Board, which it is supposed to do before the business is started. Living Green’s plan calls for it to pick up homes and transport recyclables to the Shelby County Convenience Center in Waddy, Staples said. The company would accept products such as paper materials, glass, and plastic containers marked No. 1 and No. 2 in the triangle.  The service doesn’t collect Styrofoam, milk or juice containers with plastic or silver lining, paper towels or the like, food, and aluminum foil. “As operation grows, we look to accept multiple other sources,” he said. Aside from a $12 one-time fee for an 18-gallon recycling container, weekly pickup of recyclables would work a lot like trash pick-up. Current rates put the service at $14.95 per month.  “Our goal is to reduce that cost as participation numbers increase. The more we can sign up, the faster we can reduce our operating costs.  “It’s all based on how the community shows support in the operation. “We understand it’s still asking for a fee. If we could do it for free, we would. But it’s a service a lot of homeowners are excited about,” he said. Staples said they’ve got the equipment and manpower ready to go, hopefully picking up recyclables from customers starting in July. But right now getting the word out is his priority. “We can talk hours and hours about why recycling is important, but we always come back to why not recycle?” he said. “Our belief is that when people see that others are recycling, more will see the ease and convenience of it and be interested.”     


Living Green Curbside Recycling

Phone: (502) 321-3834


Find more information or request service at www.lg-rec.com