A crumbling American dream

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By The Staff

We seem these days to have too much government without any common-sense approach to correct anything.

Both parties in Congress keep making laws that favor corporations, which don't hesitate to put money where it's to their benefit. Their own needs are met and executed in a way that leaves no possible way a man trying to start a small business has a chance.

Our Congress has no interest in lending a hand to middle-class people trying to pull themselves up. Our Congress has no time to pass anything that may help middle-class people, because there is not enough money to support their middle-class companies.

All Congressional votes seem to be concentrated on how a measure would help them gain - you guessed it - Big Bucks.

Now if you think this is a joke, just try to use your head. You will see a self-serving institution that made it possible for senators and representatives to spend as much as two years or more on the road working on staying in Congress or trying to get elected to a higher office.

How is this benefiting our country when our officials are not even in Washington or voting on any legislation that may have any chance of trying to head off the mortgage companies, which also appear to be doing the same things?

They are watching our government officials and taking a cue on how government works, but government hasn't worked for the people since World War II.

Now as a voter should this matter in determining how or for which party you vote?

Could we wake up one day to a ceremony in Washington when they are running down Old Glory and running up some other country's flag?

I think Americans are the smartest people in the world and probably the hardest-working people. But if we don't take interest or notice of how the cancer of greed is destroying our way of life, we can't say we weren't told it was coming.

The people of Rome didn't discover the strides they had made, and they let their own government destroy them. They were ahead of the rest of the world at that time, and no other country challenged them. They fell from within to greed for money and power, among other things.

God has blessed this country. We are an example to the rest of the world for how hard we have worked, for our faith in God and for how we selected our leaders.

But now I see only greed in the way we run our country and our corporations.

"As you sow, so shall you reap." I am not a preacher, but you can't go against what made this country what it once was.

This is not a wake-up call to either political party or any one person in power now or in the past.

We the people must challenge ourselves. We must do better and pay attention to what we are letting America become. Greed breeds greed.

Maybe we the people are getting fed up with the way Wall Street companies are using investors' money to stroke their own egos and pay bonuses to CEOs.

Honest hard-working people have no protection from our Congress because they were trying to protect themselves from losing anything.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack were set up to benefit investors and with a safety net where taxpayers could bail them out if things went bad. Bless John if it hasn't worked to a T to protect their interests.

Self-serving Greed has won out again.

Now what next can we expect from our distinguished legislators in Washington? I'm sick and tired of their political talk.

So how do we the people fight this stuff?

If you know any poor politicians, you should vote for them, and maybe they won't have to raise $100 million and would be willing to work at the job they were elected to do instead of complaining 60 percent of the time.

Al Ross