Craig to go to court next Friday

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By Lisa King

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A long-time employee of Tracy’s Home Furnishings in Shelbyville charged with stealing thousands of dollars from her employer will be heading back to court Friday.

Kelly Craig, 45,  went to court Wednesday, but because the court docket was so full, hear hearing was rescheduled for 9 a.m. Friday,

Shelby County Commonwealth Attorney Laura Donnell said.

“We just had a very large docket,” Donnell said.

She was charged last June with stealing $5,867 from Tracy’s Appliance Store in Shelbyville, but in August that amount snowballed when she was indicted on five counts of theft by unlawful taking more than $10,000.

Police investigators said she confessed on tape to the crimes, saying she told them she took the money to pay bills.

They said at first that they had traced the theft back to March of 2010, but the indictment returned in August from Shelby Circuit Court said the thefts occurred over a period of about four and a half years, beginning in January 2006 and running through June of last year.

Her employment was terminated when she was arrested.