Court's resolution backs Ardmore-area sewer project

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By Walt Reichert

Shelby County Fiscal Court on Tuesday night passed a resolution backing the Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer Commission's plan to bring sewers to 75 lots in the Ardmore/Arlington Lane areas.

The project is part of the commission's sewer expansion, which will serve the new schools being built in  the area as well as new residential and commercial development. The total cost of the project is $1.6 million.

Residents will pay only a fraction of the total cost. The school board will pay $425,000, and two developers will kick in more than $550,000. Customers will make up the balance of slightly more than $288,000.

Water and sewer commission director Tom Doyle said that means residents who own homes in the area can expect to kick in $3,849 to bring the lines to their lots. That price does not include connecting to the sewer service. Those who own rental property in the area served will pay $900 more, or $4,400 to bring the lines to their lots. Doyle said the price could drop if bid estimates come in lower than projected.

Doyle said the commission is trying to get federal grant money to help with the cost of the project, and if it does, the money would go back to residents and the school board.

Bids will be let for the project soon. Doyle predicted the project would take 18 months to complete.

The commission is having a public hearing for residents of the area on the sewer expansion project on Thursday, April 23, at 6:30 p.m. at the water commission office,, 1059 Washington St.

In other business, the court approved the 2009-2010 budget for the Shelby County Detention Center.

Jailer Bobby Waits estimated the jail would take in just over $3.2 million in receipts, including just more than $995,000 from county government.

Waits' estimate of revenues is up $213,000 from the current fiscal year budget, and he projected that the jail will use less than the $995,000 appropriated from the county.

“I think we'll come in under that,” Waits said. “But I like to give the worse-case scenario.”