County wants to repair Vigo

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7 miles said to be in poor condition

By Lisa King

A large portion of a state road near Bagdad could be repaired this year if things go as anticipated, county officials say.

At Tuesday night’s meeting of the Shelby County Fiscal Court, magistrates voted to use $208,000 allocated for county road maintenance to pave a portion of Vigo Road that road officials say is in bad need of repairs.

The money is in Shelby County’s 2013 Rural Secondary Program’s flex fund, a program put in place 5 years ago by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to allow counties to use money allocated to repave county roads for their state roads instead.

Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger suggested, and magistrates agreed, that a 7-mile stretch of Vigo Road from KY 43 to KY 395 is more in need of repair than any other.

“There’s a lot of traffic that goes back and forth from the mill in Bagdad from farmers hauling grain,” Rothenburger said.

He said he hopes that project could be done this year.

“We’re hoping to get that one on their [the state’s] paving schedule for this year,” he said. “I communicated that to the state, and they should be coming in soon, either at our next meeting or the one after to go over our rural secondary program for the upcoming year, and at that time, we will emphasize again that we really want that road done.”


Hazmat trailer to go to Oldham

Magistrates also agreed to let a Hazmat trailer that is currently being kept in Shelby County be transferred to the Ballardsville Fire Department in Oldham County. That action would be better for Shelby County because the trailer is used as part of the Hazmat 6 Regional team, which encompasses eight counties, including Shelby. Although all counties use the trailer, they rotate the location of the trailer because the county in which it is stored is required to maintain it and pay the insurance for it.

So, at the request of Shelby County Emergency Management Agency Director Paul Whitman, the trailer will be moved to Oldham County and its upkeep, which is mainly the insurance payment on the vehicle, will be the responsibility of Oldham County Fiscal Court.

Whitman said that Shelby and Oldham counties are the most important counties in the Hazmat 6 region, and that Shelby County EMS Director Todd Early is its president. “That speaks for itself,” he said.


Also at the meeting, magistrates:

§       Approved a change in the company that provide ankle bracelets to inmates for use in home incarceration to Corrisoft LLC Court Monitoring System because the company charges the county only a $50 hook-up fee per inmate, as opposed to the $100 now being paid.

§       Declared as surplus two vehicles, one from the Shelby County Detention Center and one from Parks and Recreation, as well as several old bridge trusses that have been stored at the County Road Department for several years. Rothenburger said a couple of farmers had been interested in buying them, but they would have to meet the price that the county would get from selling the trusses for scrap metal.