County to get new zoning map

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By Lisa King

For the first time in 14 years, the county will soon have a new zoning map, which was presented to the Shelby County Fiscal Court Tuesday.

Ryan Libke, executive director of Triple S Planning Commission, gave magistrates a copy of the new map, which is on the agenda for approval at a future fiscal court meeting.

If the county approves the new map, it will be the first official Shelby County Zoning map adopted since 1994.

Libke said that all county zone changes made since that time will be indicated on the new map.

"This will make it easier for the citizens of this county to know how their property is zoned," he said. "The zoning map is the law and states what you have the right to do with your land."

Magistrates were pleased with the new map.

"This is great," said Magistrate Betty Curtsinger. "This is a step into the future in the right direction."

Magistrate Michael Riggs liked the map's "reader friendly" format and thought it should be put up in the library after it's approved.

"I assure you that once the map is out, people will want to see it," he said. "This is long overdue."

In addition to updated zoning, the new map is easily readable and color-coded.

In addition, Libke said that the map has also been converted to a digital format for use in the Geological Information System (GIS).

He added that the new map is only the second county map to be released since the 1960s.

In addition to being available in the public library, magistrates are also expected to hang the map in the courthouse and plan to post it online as well.

Shelby County Judge/Executive Rob Rothenburger made a motion to put the matter on the May 2 agenda, when the map will be considered for a first reading for adoption as the new official zone map for Shelby County.

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