County to buy tractor to mow parks

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Indoor pool at FAC to shut down in August for repairs

By Lisa King

Mowing will continue on Shelby’s parkland after the county purchases a new tractor to replace the old one that broke down recently, officials say.

“Our primary tractor that is used for mowing [for all parks] has gone down on us,” said Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger.

“It has gone down at the very worst time, during our heaviest mowing season. The tractor has 10,000 hours and is just worn out; that’s what it boils down to.”

Magistrates at Tuesday’s meeting of the Shelby County Fiscal Court approved the purchase of a replacement tractor, a used John Deere, at a cost of $16,900.

“The one that I found best meets our needs both presently and in the future, and also builds in all the safety features that we need for our park,” Rothenburger said.

Shelby County Parks and Recreation Director Shawn Pickens said the vehicle was used when the county got it 20 years ago.

“Currently there’s something that’s gone wrong in the transmission; Earl’s tried to fix it, he can’t get to it, it’s up inside, they’d have to split the tractor in two to even get to it, so that’s one thing that’s wrong,” he said. “Also, the clutch is about to give out, and we’re looking at a couple thousand dollars to fix just that, plus whatever is wrong with the transmission. So just with the hours on it and the age...also, it’s our primary tractor, from April to October, it’s mowing 40 hours a week, every day, nonstop.”


Indoor pool to close for repairs

Pickens said another parks and rec-related repair, the HVAC unit for the indoor pool at the Family Activity Center, is about to go under construction.

“The gym will be closed for about two days, at the end of July probably Tuesday and Wednesday, the 29th and 30th of July, the gym will close,” he said. “It will reopen, we’ll probably close the locker room at the FAC for a few days as they’re doing steel bracing and roof repair to prepare for the new unit to come, taking out duct work, reinforcing the roof.”

The new unit weighs twice as much as the old one, at 13,000 pounds compared to 7,000; part of the purchase price includes roof reinforcement work.

“Once the new unit comes, the indoor pool will close down, and it will be closed the entire month [of August],” Pickens said.

Magistrates approved the purchase of the new HVAC unit for the FAC in May at a cost of  $410,000, which and includes a new humidifier unit for the facility’s indoor pool. The unit will be paid for out of the park’s budget; the loan is a seven-year loan at 3.5 percent interest from PNC Bank.


Road material bids

Magistrates approved a bid from Rogers Group for channel rock at $16.25 per ton; the bid was the lower of two that came in. Shelbyville Asphalt was chosen for place paver patching, at $79.50 per ton. That bid was the lowest of four; the highest was more than double that, at $175 per ton.

Magistrates rejected the only bid to come in for striping, however, from Oglesby Construction, at 62 cents per foot. That’s because, last year, the cost for striping was under 15 cents per foot. Magistrates suggested, and Shelby County Road Superintendent Carl Henry agreed, that the process should be re-bid, especially since only one bid came in.


Also at the meeting, magistrates:

·       Approved an annual collateral security agreement between the fiscal court and Citizens Union Bank.

·       Approved changing two part-time EMS employees to full-time: Cody Money from part-time to full-time EMT at $25,000 and Dave Baize, from part-time to full-time paramedic at $34,000.

·       Heard a report from Parks Director Shawn Pickens that the Shake the Lake event on July 4 was the county’s largest ever, at 3,000 attendees strong.

·       Heard that Sept. 8 will be the date for Tastes and Tunes.

·       Heard that the Horse Show Jubilee kickoff is July 24.

·       Recognized Road Department employee David Allen for 31 years of service