Corpus Christi posts top test results

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Students at Corpus Christi Academy in Simpsonville posted top scores in recently tabulated 2012 standardized testing conducted by TerraNova.

The results showed that 100 percent of eighth-graders scored at the 12th-grade level or above, 100 percent of seventh- graders averaged two grades above their current grade level and all students scored at or above grade level compared to students across the country. 

“Basically, this means that every one of our eighth-graders and most seventh-graders are ready to go from elementary school to college,” Principal Phyllis Sower said in a release announcing results. “In addition, at the high school level, ACT provided a report showing our high school students are a hundred percent ready for college.”

Every student who has graduated Corpus Christi Academy has gone to college and most have completed college or are presently enrolled, she said.

Sowers said that TerraNova, a respected, valid, and innovative national achievement test, was chosen because it measures the common core standards for students. Students must receive partial credit for partial understanding of a standard, which is beyond the ability of a multiple-choice test.