Convenience store broken into on Main Street

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Theft takes only beer and candy bar

By Lisa King

The front door of Cubert’s Quik Stop at 1401 Main St. underwent an emergency repair after a burglary at the story after midnight on Thursday. The store’s owner, Donald E. Cubert Jr., said the break-in happened after the store closed and that the only thing taken was a case of beer and a candy bar. The thief was selective, however, Cubert said, adding that the thief, believed to be a man, showed no interest in the cartons of beer stacked up just inside the front door. “The camera showed him picking up a big rock or something and throwing it through the door, and when he got in, he ran straight to the cooler for some cold Bud Light,” Cubert said, adding that the thief grabbed a candy bar as he was running. “Then he just ran back out. He was only in the store for about twenty-five seconds.”  Shelbyville Police have not yet made an arrest in the case.