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By Lisa King

Catalpagreen Subdivision, to be located next to the new Martha Layne Collins High School got its go-ahead from local planners in July.

The 53-acre development would consist of 95 lots for single-family homes and will include 20 acres of open space. The property, owned by WAZE Development Company, LLC of Louisville, is the first phase of the Arlington-Ardmore development project, which encompasses 440 acres. The development will be situated on the east side of Discovery Boulevard, across from the new high school, which is under construction and scheduled to open next year.

Kerry Magan, a consulting engineer from Shelbyville, presented project details to the Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission in July. He told them that a traffic study had been done, in response to concerns of residents in that area. He added that the results indicated that traffic would flow acceptably.

The developers have an agreement with the school board to connect the community’s three lane roadway to Midland Industrial Road, just north of that area.

Duanne Puckett, community relations coordinator for Shelby County Public Schools, said Friday that what the school board’s primary concern at this point is being provided with an emergency egress into Ardmore Lane.

“Because we know it’s going to be awhile before the bypass is finished, and before the subdivision is even underway so we doubt that they will be finishing that road  back to the industrial, so we want another way out of our property in case there happened to be something on U.S. 60,” she said.  “So from day one, that’s been our push.”

Kerry Whitehouse, assistant superintendent of operations, agreed with Puckett’s assessment of the situation.

“We are in constant communication with the subdivision developers, and the agreement calls for both a connection to Midland Industrial Park and an emergency egress to Ardmore Lane,” he said.  “The completion timeline is 2010, which means within that year for both of these accesses.”

Magan said that permits, approvals and site work would continue through the winter and that construction would hopefully begin early next year.

He outlined an attractive package to planners, saying the development would feature an open space consisting of two lakes surrounded by native grasses and vegetation and rock. Also, four types of homes are planned, including patio homes, condominiums, three bedroom homes and some smaller “maintenance-free” homes targeted toward people of retirement age.

Ryan Lipke, executive director of Triple S, said at this time, developers have not submitted anything else to the planning commission.

“They have one year from that approval date to submit plans and get the final plat approved, otherwise they would have to ask for an extension,” he said.  “The next step for them would be to submit their final construction plan and their final subdivision plat and they haven’t brought that in.”