Coming soon: Rockets vs. Titans

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Martha Layne Collins High School gets its nickname

By Todd Martin

Titans once ruled the universe, but now they’ll settle for ruling Shelby County and the 8th Region.

Teams at the new Martha Layne Collins High School will be called Titans and wear Columbia blue, black and white as their colors when the school opens in 2010-11.

Freshmen and sophomores at SCHS and all students at East and West Middle Schools and Cropper Alternative School voted overwhelmingly voted for these choices over the other finalists, Trailblazers and green/black/white.

Shelby County Public Schools Community Relations Coordinator Duanne Puckett said the students led the charge in selecting the name.

“We had a committee that came up with a few names to get them [the students] started, and then we met with a group of about 12 kids from the high school, East and West,” she said. “They came up with a long list of names that fit with the county and the school.”

That list included names that evoked the west end of the county – Mustangs, Colts and Stallions. They came up with Comets as a sister school name to Rockets.

But, in the end, Puckett said Titans and Trailblazers were the names that dominated the conversation.

“He [former SCHS Athletic Director Steve Coleman, who co-chaired the committee with Puckett] and I were very pleased with how well the process went,” Puckett said. “The kids took it very serious.”