CITY COUNCIL: Shane Suttor

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By Todd Martin

After spending two terms on Shelbyville’s City Council, there is still more Shane Suttor said he would like to accomplish.

Suttor filed to run for his third term and said he hopes to help the city maintain its fiscal responsibility.

“We need to continue to control our costs,” he said. “We’ve done a good job keeping taxes low and maintaining or improving our services to the community.”

Suttor, a Democrat, noted the hiring of a full-time city engineer as one way he and the council have made strong financial decisions.

“We were having to hire people part-time to do that job, and moving to a full-time city engineer was a strong move for us. It’s better having someone full time, and it actually helped the city save money,” he said.

Suttor also hopes to see the city continue to expand the sidewalks and pathways around town.

“We’re on a plan to get so many done every year,” he said. “Our main concern right now is connecting the park with downtown through 7th Street.”

Another area of concern, he noted, is the influx of undocumented residents.

“That’s something we’re continuing to work on,” he said. “When I first started on city council, that was something I really wanted to push. There is still such a burden on all our resources. We need to lessen that burden on our taxpayers through code enforcement and whatever other avenues we can take.”

Suttor, who has worked for Toyota for 16 years, has two children, Rylee, 8, and Ethan, 5, and lives on Plantation Drive.

He grew up in Shelby County, graduating from SCHS, and returned to the city about eight years ago.