On campus: July 26, 2013

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Berkley, Kansas University, EKU, JCTC

Bjorvik on dean’s list at Berklee
George Bjorvik
of Simpsonville earned placement on the dean’s list for the spring semester of the 2013 academic year at Berklee College of Music. To be eligible for this honor, a full-time student must achieve a grade-point average of 3.4 or above.

Bradley named on honor roll
Ben Bradley
of Shelbyville was named to the University of Kansas honor roll. He was named to the honor roll for the School of Pharmacy. Honor roll criteria vary among the university's academic units.

EKU recognizes Shelby students
Shelby County students receive honors at Eastern Kentucky University for the 2013 spring semester:
•  Margo Paige Wilborn, Bagdad, Bachelor of Science in psychology.
•  Holly Danielle DeVary, Shelbyville, Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Science in elementary education teaching.
•  Haley Vidal Shepherd, Shelbyville, Magna Cum Laude BA in sociology.
•  Corina Michelle Singleton, Shelbyville, Bachelor of Science in public health.

The president's list recognizes full-time undergraduate students who attain a perfect, 4.0 grade-point average for a semester. Those honored were:
•  Macie New of Pleasureville, a junior pre-occupational science major.
•  Heather Amos of Shelbyville, a sophomore music major.
•  Cody Bland of Shelbyville, a senior aviation major.
•  Jessica Buschkoetter of Shelbyville, a senior elementary education teaching major.
•  Logan Forrest of Shelbyville, a junior finance major.
•  Adrienne Fow of Shelbyville, a junior pre-occupational science major.
•  Ashley Frank of Shelbyville, a junior physics major.
•  Julia Kennedy of Shelbyville, a junior physical education major.
•  Stacey Neat of Shelbyville, a junior pre-occupational science major.
•  Corina Singleton of Shelbyville, a senior public health major.
•  Lane Taylor of Shelbyville, a junior Criminal Justice major.

The dean's list honors students attempting 14 or more credit hours must earn a 3.5, 13 credit hours and a 3.65 GPA or 12 credit hours and GPA. Those honored:
•  Kevin Russell Case of Shelbyville, a senior music major.
•  Logan Alexander Forrest of Shelbyville, a junior finance major.
•  Corina Michelle Singleton of Shelbyville, a senior public health major.
•  Brent James Tingle of Shelbyville, a junior agriculture major.

JCTC dean’s list
Students from Shelby County named to the Jefferson Community and Technical College-Shelby County campus for the spring semester are Penny Sue Adams, Sandra Elizabeth Barnett, Kasey Nichole Batliner, Amber Lee Bragg, Whitney Brown, Laura Marie Burton, Melanie D. Castro, Lorna Stephanie Clarkson, Emelin Sucely Corado, Kirsten Elizabeth Disch, Derek Russell Forbes, Whitney Jo Forbes, Jamie Elizabeth Gallagher, Rachel Dorothy Gallagher, Benjamin Thomas Greenwell, Jennifer Nicole Hambrick, Shang Thomas Harnois, Jane Harrod, Meaghan Catherin Knauer, Stacie Ruth Lanham, Bria Unique Lawson, Christopher Allan Malone, Colby Nolan Murphy, Hannah Paige Murphy, Loraina Belle O’Nan, Hannah Marie Pridemore, Carol Nicole Robey, Katelyn Michele Smith, Jessica Louanne Smitha, Melissa Marie Spurlock, Sarah Ann Spurlock, Gretta L. Strong Perry, Rachael Leighann Taylor, Makali Rae Tilton, Gemyni Celeste Turner and Austin Palmer Winlock.