Camp teaches kids about Civil War

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By Josh Moore

School may be out for the summer, but that didn't stop some children from learning more about the Civil War this week.


About 45 elementary-aged children attended the history camp Tuesday through Thursday, said Sharon Hackworth, an organizer of the event. This is the second year for the camp, which was  sponsored by the Shelby County Historical Society.

Students saw and participated in reenactments of events from the 1860s, made crafts and interviewed people from the Civil War era, Hackworth said.

A.J. Jordan, 11, son of Albert and Debra Jordan, said he enjoyed the camp.

“I liked the gun shooting part,” he said, describing the reenactment of a Union-Confederate battle.

A.J., who also attended last year's camp, said he has learned a lot.             “Women who were widows — they had to wear black for two and a half years,” he said.

Hackworth, who taught Kentucky and U.S. history to elementary students for 26 years, said it's hard to teach children about the Civil War.

“I think it's hard for them to understand that people in this town were against each other,” she said.

The camp gave volunteers a chance to demonstrate that to the students.

Toyya Tipton's daughter MaCenzie Tipton, 9, and granddaughter, Hannah West, 10, attended the camp.

She said they both came home excited about what they did and learned each day.

“They seem to be having a really good time with it,” she said. “They need to learn how it used to be.”

The idea for the camp came from a suggestion of a committee of teachers that wanted to find a way to get children excited about history, Hackworth said.

She said the camp has been a success. “We've had an exciting week,” she said.