Board to look at bids for Collins athletic facilities Thursday

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Details for outdoor facilities to become clearer

By Scotty McDaniel

Athletic conditions have been a hot topic throughout the planning of Martha Layne Collins High School.

On Thursday those details should become clearer, as the Shelby County Board of Education meets at the Shelby County Education Center @ Cropper at 7 p.m. to consider bids for the outdoor athletic facilities at Collins.

"It's the same stuff that we discussed some months ago when we were putting bids specs together," Superintendent James Neihof said.

Sherman-Carter-Barnhart architect Darrell Douglas said the proposed athletic complex has two separate areas on the new campus.

"Area one will include a 2,000-seat multipurpose stadium to facilitate band, soccer, track and football," he said. "The second area is the 250-seat softball-baseball area."

Neihof said, "The way the package was designed, it was designed with a base bid that has basic facilities for all the different outdoor sports, then alternates to enhance them a little bit."

As an example, he said the baseball and softball area design only has the diamond and dugouts in the basic design, and a field house and bleachers would be considered alternates.

Another alternate is the potential for a turf surface on the multipurpose football-soccer field, "so we can have multiple events back-to-back," he said.

Other alternates include things such as press boxes, field houses and concession buildings. A 30-by-60-foot greenhouse associated with the agriculture program at the school is also a possibility.

Though this multipurpose field is different from the two separates fields at Shelby County High School, Neihof said most of the proposed facility specifications are the same with both schools.

"We were real careful to design all the capacities to be the same," Neihof said. "The baseball and softball fields are exactly the same specs. The goal is it to make it all the same."  

Also on the agenda:   

  • The board will consider approval of members of the Local Planning Committee.
  • The Finance Corporation will meet to discuss whether to approve the previously tabled matter of a 20 foot utility easement underground along Discovery Boulevard to provide electric, cable, fiber and telephone services to Collins and potentially future schools on the boulevard.