Board could reject diesel bids

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By Nathan L. McBroom

Unlike the typical commuter, if the Shelby County Board of Education feels like they are getting ripped off at the pump, they can just say no.

And that is exactly what the board will consider doing at their meeting this Thursday night.

Every year the board bids out their diesel service to fuel providers.

Usually, the lowest bidder will get the job.

But this year, board personnel felt that none of the bids were satisfactory and have recommended that the board reject all of the current bids and consider bidding out the service again with different specifications.

If the board approves the recommendation, the district will continue bidding their fuel on an as-needed basis.

The district buys fuel by the tanker load, which saves some cost.

But with school buses only getting 7 to 9 miles-per-gallon and with additional bus routes being added this past school year, ever penny counts.

In May, the district was expecting to spend twice as much this year on diesel fuel compared to last year.

At that time, Greg Murphy, financial coordinator for the district, estimated the school system would spend $186,000 this year on diesel fuel. But that was before the diesel bids were received.

Also at the meeting, the board will recognize a Shelby County High School junior who was elected vice president of the International Technology Student Association. Adam Knecht was elected during the 30th Anniversary Conference held in Orlando, Florida this summer.

The board will also recognize East Middle Technology Student Association for receiving national honors. Students from EMS traveled to Orlando, Fla., this summer for the National Technology Student Association Conference.

There will also be a closed session for a discussion of legal matters.

The meeting, which will take place at the central office, begins at 7 p.m.