The best 'doctor'

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By The Staff

Recently my close friend from New York City discovered he had a serious medical problem and needed extensive surgery. The hospital had two specialists on staff who would be able to perform said surgery. One of the surgeons had about 8 years of medical surgical experience and the other about 35 years of experience and knowledge. My friend, realizing the seriousness of the medical problem and the threat to his life and his future, took his time to evaluate both doctors. His evaluation of both led him to choose the older and obviously more experienced doctor, although both had training in this area. My friend felt his life and his future with his family made it necessary for him to make the choice he did. It struck me that we, as a country, are now faced with a similar problem. Our country is sick, facing some very present and future problems that may even affect our children and grandchildren. The sickness seems to have invaded our every-day life and all facets of it. The " doctor " we CHOOSE to " surgically " correct the sickness must be skilled and have the experience and background to do so. I have never voted for the party line, instead choosing the best candidate for the job. As I evaluate both candidates for the future President of the United States of America, I am struck by the extensive training and background of John McCain, who has served in the military and was a prisoner of war for seven years. He displayed a great of courage and showed strength of character that is truly admirable. His leadership in governmental service, since 1982 has been proven, tested and substantiated over and over again. Perhaps both candidates have devoted their lives to public service, but one has about 10 experience years and the other more than 25. Barack Obama is a man of questionable background, and I cannot truly spell out his qualifications to lead this country, find clear evidence of his excellent political experience and achievements for this country. He is an excellent speaker and is very likeable, but at best I fear Obama will only raise our taxes and would use the office to glorify his need to be president. He constantly uses the phrase "change," but it is my guess it is a catch phrase to get frightened Americans to look beyond the truth of this man and his inability to lead our country. John McCain has my vote. I have chosen the most experienced and proven doctor to make us well again.

Don Schildhaus