Barrel Blasts and Coonskin Caps

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By Nathan L. McBroom

The Painted Stone Settlers put on their reenactment of the Long Run Massacre at Red Orchard Park last weekend.

The reenactment had a record crowd on Saturday, and event organizers said the new location at Red Orchard was ideal.

This annual, 2-day festival commemorates the pioneering days and two bloody conflicts that occurred between a group of settlers and a tribe of Native Americans here in Shelby County.

In a press release, Kathy Cummings, president of the Painted Stone Settlers, said the event is not a glamorized version of the 18th century that is often seen in movies.

"You can see, feel and smell it. Smell the black powder, hear and 18th Century cannon charge and feel the fear that our ancestors must have felt when confronted with 50 Miami Indians," she said.