Armed robber strikes again

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By Gayle Deaton

Police and sheriff's deputies reported a white male wearing a hoodie and partial face mask hit at least three local businesses over the pre-holiday weekend.

Sunday night, Pizza Hut was robbed at gunpoint, according to Shelbyville police.

Saturday, an armed robber hit Arby's on Taylorsville Road and then a Mexican grocery store in Simpsonville, according to a sheriff's report.

According to both reports, the suspect showed clerks he had a handgun and asked for cash in all of the weekend robberies.

The suspect in all of the robberies has been described as a white male wearing a hooded jacket, and a toboggan or a partial face mask. Both police and sheriff's officers said that description could fit a lot of people and they aren't certain all of the robberies are connected.

However, both police and sheriff's officers said they are investigating the possibility that the robberies could be related to one another or to three other robberies of businesses that occurred earlier this month.

Dollar General Store located at 21 Mt. Tabor Court was robbed Dec. 17 but according to reports, a gun was not involved in that robbery. Gamestop located at 107 Jeanie Road, and Subway, located at 93 Howard Drive, were both robbed at gunpoint by a perpetrator, also described as a white male wearing a hoodie and partial face mask.

No one has been injured in any of the robberies. The suspect is described as taking an undetermined amount of cash and fleeing on foot from the stores. Investigators said they believe the suspect may have had a vehicle parked nearby although they have no information confirming that.

Law enforcement officials from both agencies said the investigation is continuing and urged anyone with information about the suspect or the crimes to report it.

Anyone with information about any of these crime is urged to call Det. Rice at the Shelby County Sheriff's Office at (502) 633-4324, Shelbyville Police at (502) 633-2326 or Crime Stoppers at(502)633-4500. The identities of those providing information to Crime Stoppers is kept anonymous and any cash reward is distributed through the use of a code number.