Agrees with editorial

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By The Staff

The editorial on CATS testing (in the March 12 Sentinel-News) is 100 percent on tract. My grandson is a early out senior from Shelby Co. He tells the same story. Teachers can't teach anything but the test.

I talked for some time last night to Allen Stewart, one of the best

teachers Shelby County ever had, retired before he wanted to because

after CATS he could not teach as he knew he should.

The CATS scores may be going up but from what I understand ACT test

scores are going down. If we are graduating kids from high school

that don't know how to learn what have we done.

I did ask Allen to look at the Senate Bill 1 and get back with me

with his thoughts.

I don't know if we can get the Kentucky House to even look at this Bill

but we must try. I have three more grandchildren in this system.

John Wills,