2nd Shelby person to spin the Wheel

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Kathy Mansfield won big, and now Seth Edens will try Wheel of Fortune.

By Lisa King

Former Shelby Countian Seth Edens will appear on Wheel of Fortune on Thursday night, less than a week after Heritage Elementary librarian Kathy Mansfield won big on the show.

A 1999 Shelby County High School graduate who lives in Middletown with his wife, Adrienne, Edens said he will be watching the show Thursday night at the home of his parents, Cathy and Bill Edens of Shelbyville.

“They are throwing a little party for me, so we will get there at about six [o’clock], and we’ll tune in the show at seven [o’clock],” he said. “I usually wouldn’t think of trying to compete with UK basketball, but I want to tell people to watch the show at seven, then turn over to ESPN to watch the ‘Cats play Notre Dame.”

Edens’ desire not to interfere with the Wildcats no doubt springs from his stint as the Wildcat mascot during his college days at the University of Kentucky.

Edens filmed his segment of Wheel of Fortune in California on Sept. 7 and said he had no idea that someone from his own community had been on the show just the day before.

Viewers who tune in Thursday will get to see if Edens did as well as Mansfield, who won more than $22,000 in cash and prizes, including a trip to Panama, and plans to buy a new car with her money.

“I won’t receive any of the prizes until March, but when I do, with the cash that I got, I want to buy a new car – my car is almost thirteen years old,” Mansfield said.

“With the eight-day trip to Panama and the sixteen thousand dollars in cash and a thousand dollars worth of Omaha Steaks, I am really happy with that,” she said. “And I’m looking forward to doing a lot of grilling this summer with all those steaks.”

Mansfield missed out on the first two or three puzzles, but caught on quickly, winning several puzzles in the later minutes of the show, totaling more than $22,000 dollars to qualify her for the bonus round. Unfortunately, she missed the bonus puzzle, Bite Your Tongue, which would have earned her a car, had she guessed it correctly.

As Edens is planning to do, Mansfield watched the show with family members, who didn’t know what she had won because she was supposed to keep it secret until the show aired.

“My mother was so excited, she watched it with me,” she said. “I didn’t tell her anything; I was in Louisiana on Friday night, watching it with her, and she was just so proud of me. But she fussed at me for not getting the puzzle in the bonus round. She was yelling out the answer.

“She said, ‘Why couldn’t you get that?’ And I said, well, it’s a lot harder when you’re there,” Mansfield said, laughing.

“We taped it, and I showed it to the kids at school. The kids and the staff here at Heritage have been so excited and so proud of me.

Edens, a medical leasing specialist in commercial real estate at Faulkner Healthcare in Louisville, shared an experience similar to that of Mansfield in being very exciting, waiting to see if he had been chosen from among 70 people that auditioned for the show at the Brown Hotel in Louisville in July.

“I was at work, and they had told us that after the audition they would let us know if we made the cut, and two weeks went by, and nothing happened,” he said. “Then that Friday, I was at work with my bosses and got a text from my wife, Adrienne, of a picture with a Wheel of Fortune envelope, so I started going crazy in the middle of our meeting. “

The rest is history – at least until Thursday night at 7.


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WHAT: Seth Edens on Wheel of Fortune

WHEN: 7 p.m., Thursday