2 queens for a day

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By Todd Martin

Collins High School will crown its first queen next Friday during a Homecoming celebration - Shelby County High School's Homecoming.

They won't be at the same site, but the two schools will crown their queens on the same night.

Because of scheduling problems for both schools, Shelby County's Homecoming celebration will be against North Bullitt, while across town Collins will face Bullitt East.

"There was no avoiding it, really," SCHS Athletics Director Sally Zimmerman said.

Added Collins AD Gary Kidwell: "We don't even really want to play at home on the same nights, ideally."

The problems lie on both schools' schedules.

Last year the Rockets agreed to move their game against Eastern from Friday to Thursday, Sept. 30, because Eastern is not in school on that Friday.

Collins, having to build a schedule from scratch during the second year of 2-year contracts for schools, was forced to take about any game they could.

Now, with Homecoming season on the horizon, both teams are lacking games from which they could pick.

Both schools are on the road tonight, and after next week's scheduled games, Shelby County has just two home games remaining, the Thursday contest with Eastern and the final game of the season against Oldham County on Oct. 29, when the Rockets will celebrate Senior Night.

Collins also has just two home games, against Shelby County on Oct. 8, and the following week against Fern Creek, when the Titans, too, will honor their seniors.

Both Zimmerman and Kidwell said this will not happen again.

In fact, it wasn't going to happen this year. Collins isn't technically having a Homecoming because it's the first year the school is open.

"We don't have anybody to come home," Kidwell said jokingly, "so we hadn't planned anything. But then we had some kids come to us and say they wanted to crown a queen for the inaugural season, so this was the only date we had to pick."

Kidwell said the school isn't planning a parade, floats, dance or anything else to go along with the coronation.

At Shelby County, however, the night should be a big one.

"Our goal is to make it the biggest game of the year," Zimmerman said. "It's going to be tough now since people will have to choose, but we're going to have a good time."

The school is inviting all former queens to return and help in this year's crowning, and there will be a chili supper before the game.

In fact, there's even a theme this year.

"We're staying inline with our school's theme of 'Keeping It Old School' this year," Zimmerman said.

The plan is to have floats but not the normal kind.

"We're going to have mini floats set on a wagon base or something like that," Zimmerman said. "There won't be people riding or feet dangling off because we can't do that anymore, but we wanted to go back to that old feel of the parade and floats."

The games at both schools will start at 7:30 p.m.