2 arrested for assault with baseball bat, pit bull

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Brawl among brothers, others on Bayne Ave. leads to several charges

By Lisa King

Two Frankfort men were arrested for assaulting a man with a baseball bat and a pit bull, police say.


James R. Snider, 25, and Duron Campbell, 22, both of Frankfort, are charged with second-degree assault upon Larry Smith of Crestwood.

The incident happened Aug. 11 on Bayne Avenue in Shelbyville at the home of two brothers, Buddy and Arthur Stanley.

Shelbyville Detective Jesse Paulley said the incident escalated from an argument between the brothers that started because Buddy Stanley became upset when he pulled up in his driveway with Smith, his nephew, in the car with him.

Stanley saw Campbell and Snider in his front yard, talking to his brother, and thought they were there to sell him drugs, Paulley added.

“So they get to smacking each other around,” he said.

When Smith tried to break up the fight, Snider got Smith in a headlock and started beating up on him, and at the same time, Snider’s pit bull, which he had brought with him, seized Smith’s leg and began biting him, Paulley said.

Then, Paulley said, Campbell began to beat Smith with a baseball bat while Snider held him down. All the while the pit bull was biting him.

Then the brothers get into the act, Paulley said.

“Then Buddy ends up getting the bat from Duron Campbell, and strikes James Snider with it, to a degree, rescuing his nephew,” knocking Snider out, he said.

Both Smith and Snider were taken to Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, where Smith was found to have a broken tibia, fibula, foot and hand, Paulley said.

Snider received no injuries, other than being knocked out.

“So he [Snider] was arrested for being part and parcel of assault in the second-degree, a felony, as was Duron Campbell, for breaking the bones of Larry Smith, who was being held by him [Snider],” Paulley said.

He  said Snider’s assault charge came, “not just for holding [Smith], but also for supplying the pit bull as a dangerous instrument, because pit bulls have been known to kill people, too.”

The pit bull was confiscated by police and taken to the Shelby County Animal Shelter, where it remains.

 “They are holding the animal for evidence,” Animal Control Director Rusty Newton said.

This saga, which Paulley likens to an episode of The Jerry Springer Show, does not end here.

The day before this incident happened, Campbell and another man, Darnell Sanders, 26, of Louisiana, were picked up by police after another man, Charles Gaines of Harrington Mill Road, told police they had stolen $30,000 worth of tools from him.

But police let Campbell go that same day because Gaines confessed to police that he had made up the theft.

Why, you ask?

Because Gaines said he knew that Sanders had been going around robbing and terrorizing people, threatening to shoot them if they told on him, and he was terrified of him, and he implicated Campbell as well because he knew he ran with Sanders, Paulley said.

“He wanted them put away,” Paulley added.

Gaines has been charged with falsifying statements to police.

Rewind back to Sanders.

He is charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree wanton endangerment, first-degree robbery, possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, no operator’s licenses, among others.

“He’s only been here for a month and a half, and he’s already wrecked havoc,” Paulley said.

Some of what Sanders is accused of is putting a gun to someone’s head and robbing him of $400, breaking into an apartment and threatening the resident at gunpoint, and firing shots into an apartment, narrowly missing shooting people in the head.

Sanders currently has four separate criminal cases pending from these incidents, pre-trial officer Natalie Wilson said.

His bond is $25,000 each for two of them, and $5,000 for another. She added that, so far, he has been ordered to serve 27 days on the fourth, which is probation violation and fourth-degree assault.

Snider, who was arraigned Tuesday, remains in jail, under a $10,000 or 10 percent property bond, and Campbell, who had the same bond, was released Friday and will head back to court Sept. 7 at 1 p.m.