‘Coach Mo’ tips off “Biggest Loser’

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Clay Street Baptist starts weight-loss competition

By Todd Martin

Though many people made New Year's resolutions, most will fizzle by the end of the month.

But Clay Street Missionary Baptist Church is offering a way to make sure that resolution lasts at least through February.

On Saturday at 8 a.m. the church will kickoff a 12-week “Biggest Loser” program with an inspirational speech from Coach Mo, Louisville-native Mozziz Dewalt who in 2009 lost 130 pounds on the NBC TV show Biggest Loser.

"Even if you don't want to join the program, it's very motivating to hear Coach Mo," said Tihisha Rawlins, who's helping put together the program for the church. "His story is enough to make you believe you can do it."

The cost to hear Coach Mo is $5, and that fee will double as an entry fee for the 12-week program. If participants miss a Saturday weigh-in, it will cost $1, and each participant has to pay $1 for every pound they gain.

And that money leads to a twist.

There will be weekly prizes, and at the end of the program the person who loses the most weight will earn half of the money, and the other half will go to the church's youth program.

The winner also will receive a free night's stay at any Kentucky State Park and a mystery prize that won't be announced until the end of the competition.

"We did this last year just within our church community, and Rev. Charles Ashby won a hundred and twenty-five dollars, and the rest went to the youth program," Rawlins said. "After that, we heard a lot of feedback from people outside the church about being interested. So we decided to open it up this year."

Rawlins said she's working on lining up a different exercise trainer for each Saturday meeting, and several weeks are already full.

"We just want to encourage the community to get healthier and be more active," she said.

Entry forms are available at www.claystreetbaptistchurch.com and will be available on Saturday after Coach Mo's presentation.